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Dunn NC Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Towed car breaks free from police, killing one

The police were just trying to impound a car, but they were inadvertently involved in a deadly accident here in North Carolina. The employee towing the car was working for the Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office. After the crash, the North Carolina Highway Patrol was brought in to carry out an investigation.

The Sheriff's Office employee was behind the wheel of a Ford pick-up truck. Behind him was the impounded vehicle, on a dolly heading down McKendree Church Road.

Divorcing in North Carolina with adopted children

Getting a divorce when you have children is always a difficult and emotional experience. When your children are adopted, divorce can create even more emotional baggage. Feelings of guilt and anxiety tend to worsen for divorcing parents who have adopted children. While it is admirable to care enough for your kids that you worry over even the tiniest detail, it can backfire on you and on your family.

In our North Carolina family law practice, we understand the heightened emotions that surround divorcing with adopted kids. We know that you and your co-parent are concerned about making sure your children always feel loved. This is especially so if your kids have a troubled past. With that goal in mind, here are a few important tips for getting a divorce with adopted kids.

Tips to protect your kids as they travel to and from school

Whether your kids are looking forward to school or dreading it, chances are you have some safety concerns about the back-to-school season. A big part of this concern centers on keeping your young children safe from pedestrian and car accidents as they travel to school and back home again.

You may feel powerless to make a difference, but here are a few tips that you can use to teach your kids about traffic safety and keep them safe from pedestrian and car accidents.

  • Walking Safety: While walking to and from school an adult should accompany children 10-years-old and younger. This gives parents the opportunity to teach their children how to walk in safety and how to navigate roadways.
  • Busing Safety: Most safety experts agree that sending kids to school on a bus is a great way to enhance their safety. However, children still need to learn how to approach the school bus safely.
  • Biking Safety: When it comes to riding a bike to school, the two best ways to stay safe is to wear appropriate safety gear like helmets and to have a good understanding of safety and traffic rules.
  • Car Passenger Safety: For carpooling and for parents who drive their children to school, enforcing basic safety measures is the best way to prevent injury should a car accident occur. This includes the proper use of safety belts for all passengers. It is also safest to seat children under 12 in the back seat of automobiles.

2 ways to minimize the impact of criminal charges

You may not think about how criminal charges can affect your life until you face an allegation of a crime in the Dunn area. Even if you are only confronted with a misdemeanor DUI charge, you should think about the long-term consequences and how they can alter your life. It may seem as if penalties of fines, incarceration and community service are not a big deal. But you need to understand that even an arrest can have serious ramifications on your employment, relationships and lifestyle. 

It is not always easy to overcome the stigma that lingers from arrests and convictions. Even people who have served their time are often ostracized. Take some time to review two ways you can minimize the impact of a criminal charge and avoid future complications in your life. 

Proving your North Carolina premises liability claim

Premises liability is legal term used in cases where a victim suffers injury on another person's property. This can be private property such as someone's home or yard and it can be property used by the public such as retail establishments or government premises. In the simplest terms, property owners can be targeted in a premises liability action if they do not take reasonable measures to provide guests, customers and visitors with safe conditions.

If a property owner has failed to comply with these legal obligations and a guest suffers an injury, the victim may hold the owner liable for damages. Some premises liability cases are difficult to prove while others are relatively easy. In all cases, advice and representation from an experienced personal injury attorney will strengthen the victim's claim.

Choosing a defense against assault charges in North Carolina

If you are like most residents of North Carolina, you do not seek out physical altercations. You may even try to avoid them at all costs. As we all know, events and situations sometimes occur that make us react in ways we do not expect. A physical altercation can be the result of some of these situations.

Assault and/or battery may seem pretty straightforward, especially when physical evidence of the altercation exists. In the aftermath, you and others involved in the incident may have trouble figuring out exactly what led to the altercation. However, if one of the involved parties pursues legal action, you may suddenly find yourself embroiled in a criminal investigation that puts your freedom at risk.

What factors put me at risk for a slip-and-fall?

Slip-and-fall accidents are common in North Carolina. Even though they are more likely to occur at home, it is not unusual for people to injure themselves on some else’s property. Stores, resorts, hotels, schools and workplaces are common places these accidents can occur outside of the home. Property owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to keep their properties safe for the public. However, situations can arise when they do not take their responsibilities seriously that can result in fall accidents and injuries.

Learn how to identify hazardous conditions so you can take measures to avoid them and protect yourself from harm.

How can I create a good defense against drunk driving charges?

Like many other states, North Carolina takes a severe approach to drunk driving. The consequences of a drunk driving conviction can be quite harsh, even for first time offenders. Common penalties include expensive fines, jail time and license revocation or suspension.

You have the right to a good defense if you are facing drunk driving charges. Although it can be difficult in some cases, it is not impossible to come out of the ordeal relatively unscathed. The problem many defendants face is not knowing what kind of a defense to develop or how to put a defense strategy into place. This is where a defense attorney can help.

Family law services benefit at-risk North Carolina children

It is no secret that many children across the nation are at-risk for a number of life-altering situations. The children of North Carolina are no exception. While a number of factors can contribute to the hardships children in our state suffer, it is safe to assume that broken and dysfunctional family units are a top cause.

You probably already know that divorce can wreak havoc on the lives of children. Worsening the matter, many parents going through divorce are ill equipped to provide help for their kids. This is a recipe for disaster as unprepared families crumble under the stress. Children react in a number of ways, including engaging in dangerous behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse or promiscuity.

How motorists can avoid reckless driving car accidents

Many North Carolina drivers are not aware of how dangerous some of their everyday driving behaviors are. They disregard personal safety, traffic laws, rules and signs to get to where they are going. As regular and widespread as this behavior is, it does increase the risk of car accidents and injuries for all motorists. Reckless driving is dangerous and preventable. 

Here is a brief overview about how motorists can protect themselves from personal injuries in a reckless/careless driving-related crash.