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Car Accidents Archives

Young woman killed in car accident after graduation party

Three young people who were at a graduation party in North Carolina piled into a small Toyota Scion to head home. The driver of the Scion was a 21-year-old man, as was the passenger in the front seat. Behind them in the rear seat, without her seat belt on, was a 22-year-old woman.

To survive, the brain fails to make traumatic memories

People sometimes assume they must be blocking out traumatic memories if they're involved in a serious accident -- like a car crash -- and they can't remember the wreck itself. They may even find that they can't remember what happened after it, even though witnesses tell them that they were awake.

Running coach will never walk again after accident

A man was paralyzed in a car accident in Black Mountain. Though he was brought to Mission Hospital's Trauma Center and has been getting care in the ICU, his family has now said that they do not believe he'll ever fully recover or be able to walk again.

The future of 'self-driving' vehicles is getting closer

The future of "self-driving" vehicles is getting ever closer. Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, recently announced that all of its cars are now being made to allow for completely autonomous driving. Musk asserts that this technology provides a "safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver."

3 pedestrians, including 10-year-old child, struck by car

A moving van parked on the side of Craver Road in Welcome, North Carolina, caused a Ford Escort to swerve off the road and into a yard. The car was trying to avoid a collision with a moving van that was partially blocking the eastbound lane of traffic.