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2 ways to minimize the impact of criminal charges

You may not think about how criminal charges can affect your life until you face an allegation of a crime in the Dunn area. Even if you are only confronted with a misdemeanor DUI charge, you should think about the long-term consequences and how they can alter your life. It may seem as if penalties of fines, incarceration and community service are not a big deal. But you need to understand that even an arrest can have serious ramifications on your employment, relationships and lifestyle. 

Choosing a defense against assault charges in North Carolina

If you are like most residents of North Carolina, you do not seek out physical altercations. You may even try to avoid them at all costs. As we all know, events and situations sometimes occur that make us react in ways we do not expect. A physical altercation can be the result of some of these situations.

Strategy is a crucial element of a successful criminal defense

If we were tasked with identifying the most important part of criminal defense, it would be difficult to name just one. All parts of a defense are important and they all come together perfectly when a criminal defense is successful. What we can say is that strategy is crucial anytime a North Carolina resident faces criminal charges. Strategy should begin right away and it should include the defendant and all members of the defense team.

New state boating while under the influence law takes effect

A new law has just taken effect here in North Carolina that will impose harsher penalties on people who operate boats under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The law, which became effective on Dec. 1, impacts anyone who injures or kills someone in a boating accident while operating the vessel under the influence. 

Veterans' treatment courts increasing, but more needed

The number of veterans' treatment courts is increasing here in North Carolina, as it has over the past eight years across the country. These specialized courts have been established to deal with military vets who are facing charges for minor crimes.

How accurate are eyewitness testimonies?

Eyewitness testimonies have been used in criminal trials for centuries, and someone who believes he or she saw you commit a crime could have a strong effect on the outcome of your case. However, according to the Innocence Project, DNA testing has resulted in hundreds of exonerations. In over 70 percent of these cases, people were sent to prison for crimes they did not commit because of the faulty testimony of an eyewitness.

Juvenile offenders belong in juvenile courts, most believe

Last month in Asheville, the North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice assembled a third hearing for the public at the Buncombe County Judicial Complex. There, social workers, teachers, judges, parents, public safety officers, lawyers and activists sought ways to bolster the state's judicial system.

What to do when stopped for questioning by police

Being stopped by the police can be a tense, emotional experience for anyone, regardless of how or why he or she is being questioned. It is important to remember that the way you conduct yourself when stopped by police can have enormous implications on further legal actions the police may take. Following a few simple but vitally important guidelines can mean the difference between being arrested and being free to leave a scene.