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Developing a successful co-parenting plan

As tough as divorce is on parents in Dunn, the children are often the ones who suffer the most. Many parents resort to focusing more on themselves so they can minimize the negative impact of their new relationship status on their lives. There is nothing wrong with parents doing this, but it can cause them to neglect their kids. Divorce is a time where the children should come first. Parents who want to make their divorces easier on their children and to minimize the effects of living in two different households should work on their co-parenting plans.

Potential legal issues when breaking off an engagement

One of the items that many couples include in their prenuptial agreements is who will get any jewelry given to one another during the marriage. If an engagement ring had significant monetary or sentimental value, the groom-to-be may also want to include a stipulation that he gets that back if the couple divorces.

Can social media hurt a divorce?

The popularity of social media has made it all too tempting to post the more personal details of life. For many, social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have become a place to vent. However, what a soon-to-be ex may not realize is that there can be potential consequences stemming from posting certain details while going through a divorce.

Dealing with a difficult ex-spouse

In an ideal world, all divorces in Raleigh would be peaceful and amicable events. Unfortunately, some people have former spouses that seem to live to make their lives miserable, which can make finalizing the situation much harder and longer than it should be. If you have an ex-spouse who makes the process difficult, learning how to avoid confrontations may help to keep conflicts and negative feelings to a minimum.

Protecting gifts and inherited assets from division in a divorce

Many people who begin the divorce process assume that any inheritance or gift they received as an individual while they were married will be theirs to keep and won't be subject to property division. However, that's not always the case. It all depends on how you handle the funds or other assets that are given to you.

New York trader catches up on overdue child support

Politics has seemingly impacted nearly every aspect of our lives in recent months, for better or worse. Now the attorney for a New York businessman is crediting President-elect Donald Trump (at least in part) for the fact that his client is finally able to catch up on his child support payments and other money owed to his estranged wife.