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Legal challenges may arise after truck accident in North Carolina

Motor vehicle accidents that result in injury are not uncommon on North Carolina highways. When an incident involves a truck accident, a surviving victim may be met with certain legal challenges in the aftermath of the collision. It is, therefore, typically advisable to seek legal intervention as soon as one is able after an accident injury has occurred.

How sleep apnea is affecting the trucking industry

While much has been written about the dangers posed by truck driver fatigue, the majority of this material is predicated on the idea of truckers who are knowingly pushing themselves beyond their physical capabilities -- and likely the law -- in order to make deadlines.

North Carolina man killed in accident with dump truck

Beaufort County police charged a 48-year-old dump truck driver from Pantego in connection with a fatal accident that occurred at approximately 6:00 a.m. on Sept. 26. The truck accident happened on U.S. 264 close to Waters Road.

What can be expected after a truck accident?

Whenever a car is involved in an accident with a semi-truck, the driver of the car is at real risk for disabling injuries or death due to the disparity in weight and size of the vehicles. Those involved in an 18-wheeler accident with a company-owned commercial truck may have legal recourse to file litigation against the driver and the trucking company. Below is some information that may prove useful to North Carolina drivers in such cases.

North Carolina highway closed for several hours after fatal crash

On Jan. 30, a truck driver on the last leg of a cross-country trip was killed after he swerved from the roadway and overturned. According to a N.C. State Highway Patrol officer, the truck accident occurred just past exit 113 in the east lane of Interstate 40 around 6:50 a.m. The truck's driver was pronounced dead at the accident scene. A passenger who had been in the truck's sleeper compartment was transported to a local hospital. The passenger is expected to recover from his injuries. The two men had been on their way to Greensboro from California with a shipment of green tea when the accident took place.

Motorist claims mechanical failure in fatal wreck 

A fatal North Carolina car wreck in the Charlotte area has resulted in an arrest of one drive. The accident occurred early in the morning on Jan. 6, according to police reports. The crash involved a 1988 Lincoln Town Car and a Mack truck towing a trailer. It was dark and there was a light rain falling, according to the police. The Mack truck was traveling southbound on N. Graham Street when the Lincoln swerved in front of it. The car was struck on the passenger side, and an individual riding in the front seat died from the impact. The stretch of N. Graham from Starita Road to W. Craighead Road was closed for approximately three hours following the collision.

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