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When business goes really bad: Suing your partner

Business partnerships can go bad in any number of ways, but it may be particularly distressing to find out that the person you've worked with side-by-side to build up your company has suddenly deeply betrayed it -- and you.

Can you fight city hall over a zoning issue?

You found a great location that you think is perfect for your business. The rent or purchase price is within your budget, you think that it's going to see an appropriate amount of foot traffic and the building is exactly what you had hoped to find.

How to avoid construction disputes

Whether you're a general contractor or you only handle certain types of construction jobs, it's important to head off disputes before you end up in litigation. Save yourself some time, energy and money with this guide to avoiding complications and disputes.

Can you get rid of an easement?

Easements, which grant someone else the right to use a piece of property in some way, are often a troubling issue in real estate. What didn't bother a past owner may be quite troublesome to a new owner -- and that creates conflict with the people who feel that the easement is their right.

When your current employer hands you a noncompete agreement

Even if you didn't sign a noncompete agreement when you started your job, you still may need to know how to handle the issue if you're asked to sign one. More and more employers are using noncompete agreements to protect their interests. It's a wise business move for many in an age where "what you know" can be as valuable as "what you can do."

What businesses need to know about consumer reviews

Online reviews are important to a business. They not only affect a company's ability to rank highly in search engine results, but they're also extremely influential when it comes to encouraging customers to try a business product or service.

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