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When snow and ice hit the south: Driving tips you can use

Winter weather has been particularly capricious this year -- at times skipping the northern states and hitting the western and southern states instead. Lately, states as far west as Missouri and Kansas and states as far south as Virginia and North Carolina have seen large amounts of ice and snow.

If you're pregnant, learn how to buckle up safely

The slogan, "Seat belts save lives" is embedded deeply in the subconsciousness of many Americans. People generally have gotten better about buckling up than they once were -- thanks to aggressive advertising, safety education and (quite frankly) car features that remind them they should be wearing their safety restraints whenever a car is in motion.

How to help avoid serious injury in a car crash

Unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death in the United States for people up to age 44. Although there are a few other major areas of concern, like poisonings and house fires, most of those injuries come in some form of vehicular accident. Over a million people are injured and over 32,000 people die each year from such accidents.

Seat belt injuries in car accidents: Signs of hidden trauma

Seat belts in cars are designed to save lives -- and they're highly effective at it. Just the same, the force of your body jolting against a seat belt during an accident can end up hurting you -- and you may not even immediately realize that you're hurt.

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