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Combat the financial impact of a wreck by seeking compensation

Car wrecks are traumatic for many people who go through them. The initial shock can make it difficult to think about what you need to do. Taking the normal steps like gathering the other driver's information, contacting the police department and getting witness names and phone numbers are important. If you're injured, you also need to obtain medical care.

The devastating consequences of facial injuries in a car wreck

You thought you were lucky to walk away from the wreckage of your vehicle -- until you registered the pain in your head and the blood on your face. When you saw your reflection, you were shocked at just how badly battered you looked from facial injuries that you didn't even immediately register during the accident.

Get off the sidewalks: Untested teens may soon be driving in NC

North Carolina is poised to make some big changes to the process that teens go through before they can get a driver's license. If House Bill 158 becomes law, teens in this state would be eligible to obtain their provisional, or Level Two, drivers' licenses without a road test. However, they would still need a road test before they can obtain a Level Three provisional license.

Driving safely on black ice in North Carolina

North Carolina's weather has been pretty wild this year -- and that's led to plenty of problems on the roads. Late-winter storms in February sent sleet, snow and freezing rain all over the Carolinas, along with parts of Virginia and Georgia. The National Weather Service even felt compelled to issue warnings about the hazardous road conditions -- including black ice.

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