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Distracted driving in North Carolina

North Carolina drivers should be aware of a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which points to distracted driving as the second-highest cause of preventable car accidents in the nation, overshadowed only by impaired or drunk driving. According to the report, about nine people are killed and 1,153 injured on a daily basis in accidents caused by distracted drivers. The report includes texting and cellphone use, eating while driving and even reading behind the wheel.

The problems caused by whiplash

When people in North Carolina and across the U.S. are involved in car accidents, one common concern is that they will have whiplash from the impact. This term does not indicate one specific condition; it is actually a generic term referring to general neck injuries that occur when the head is rapidly or violently wrenched in one direction and then another one. It is commonly seen in auto accidents, but it is also seen after work injures, sports accidents and falls.

Common methods for diagnosing skull fractures

Skull fractures can take a variety of forms. Some heal on their own, while others require surgery, especially when accompanied by brain injury. Auto accidents are a common cause of skull fractures in North Carolina and across the U.S. due to the impact of the forces inflicted on passengers.

2-car crash in North Carolina kills teen

A 19-year-old man was killed and four other people were seriously injured in a two-car accident that took place in Raleigh on Dec. 24. According to a police statement, the deceased victim's 18-year-old sister was behind the wheel when she lost control and crossed over a grass median. A minor was also in the car with the siblings.

The dangers of distracted driving in North Carolina

The incidents of death and injury resulting from distracted driving have reached substantial levels in the United States. The recent increase in popularity of cellphones and other mobile devices has allegedly been responsible for a marked increase in loss of life and accident injuries. The Federal Communications Commission has created the FCC Distracted Driving Information Clearinghouse for sharing and collecting information for the purpose of advancing technology to help reduce the problem.

3-vehicle crash injures 3 in North Carolina

An accident involving three vehicles left three individuals injured in Onslow County by the Sneads Ferry Bridge on Sept. 12. One of the vehicles reportedly went up in flames, and the driver was pulled to safety. The accident caused a closure of the bridge for about two hours as emergency responders worked at the scene.

Car accident? Here's what to do

When an accident occurs on North Carolina highways, sometimes the drivers involved are so rattled by the collision that they make mistakes that can later come back to haunt them. Below are some things drivers need to do immediately after a crash occurs, as well as things to avoid saying or doing.

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