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Distracted driving ends in multi-car tractor-trailer crash

A North Carolina man was pronounced dead this week after distraction from his cell phone caused him to rear end a semi truck, ending in a three-vehicle accident. Though the accident occurred in Wyoming, the story is a sobering reminder to North Carolina drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

Two-car crash near Dunn leaves three injured

When we hear about car accidents on the news or read about them on the internet most people feel safe knowing that it didn't happen in their town. Many residents in Dunn will not be able to say that anytime soon though; not after a two-car crash near their town ended in injury.

North Carolina representatives vote to increase speed limit on roadways

Residents across the state of North Carolina could see a significant change in speed limit signs in the upcoming months as a result of an overwhelming vote in the senate recently. The proposal was to give the state's Department of Transportation authority to raise the speed limit on some North Carolina roadways from 65 to 75. In a vote of 45 to 1, the measure passed and is now being passed on to the House.

Dense fog causes fatal multi-car accident near NC border

If you've ever driven along Interstate 77 from North Carolina into the state of Virginia, you know how treacherous of a drive it can be, especially when you get near the mountains. But after a multi-vehicle crash consumed a large section of the interstate a few days ago, now the rest of the country knows just how dangerous this interstate can be.

Police chase of drunk driver ends in serious crash

A neighborhood in Charlotte is breathing a sigh of relief this week after a high speed chase ended in many people's front yards. Although no one in the neighborhood was injured, some people are saying that had the circumstances been any different, there could have been some serious injuries as a result.

Racing suspected as cause of deadly car crash in Fayetteville

A deadly crash in Fayetteville this month has investigators wondering if speeding and racing may have been to blame for the death of two soldiers and injuring two more people. It's a tragedy that has left a community mourning while police piece together the events leading up to the terrible crash.

Fire truck overturns while on route to house fire

A North Carolina firefighter considers himself lucky to be alive this month. Usually he's the one who's rescuing people from serious accidents or dangerous situations, but when his firetruck overturned this month along a rural road, he quickly became the one that needed rescuing.

Alcohol-related accident leaves 1 dead and 2 injured in Clayton

Just north of Dunn, in the town of Garney, a community still mourns the loss of an 18-year-old teen who lost his life a little over a week ago in a deadly roll-over accident that also injured two other teens. It's a tragedy no one in the town will soon forget.

Drunk driving accident ends in NC man's death

Most North Carolina drivers need little reminding when it comes to the dangers of drunk driving, yet there appears to be those few out there who need a little more reminding than others. Hopefully for one High Point man, the fact that his negligence ended in the loss of life may be the reminder he needs to never be drunk and get behind the wheel of a vehicle ever again.

Mother's reaction to the probation violation of man who killed her son

In January 2007, one bad decision changed the lives of three teenagers in North Carolina forever. It was the driver, a then 18-year-old Raleigh teen, who made the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking and driving. Going over 70 mph, his car suddenly went off an embankment, killing one of his passengers, an 18-year-old man and seriously injuring the other passenger as well.

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