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Fighting Back Against Drunk Driving Charges

A driving while impaired (DWI) arrest will change your life immediately. In North Carolina, drunk driving is known as driving while impaired (DWI), although it is often referred to as driving under the influence (DUI). If you are stopped on suspicion of DWI, your driving privileges will be stopped or sharply limited. You need a lawyer who can help you retain your driving privileges and help you limit the consequences of your arrest. Talk to a DWI defense attorney at the Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry law firm in Dunn, North Carolina, about the charges you are facing.

Your first step when you have been arrested on a drug charge should be to talk to a criminal defense attorney who will act quickly to protect your rights and prepare your case. At Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry, our lawyers are ready to help you through this difficult time.

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Why Do You Need An Attorney?

The best way to put the consequences of a DWI charge behind you is to contact an attorney who can explain your rights and present an effective case in your defense.

  • Why were you stopped? Was the alcohol testing done correctly? Was the equipment in proper working order? Was the police officer properly trained? We will question the validity of the stop and the tests you were given. Your lawyer will review all the evidence against you and give you a realistic assessment of your options.
  • You need to take steps immediately to keep your license. You may request an administrative hearing within 10 days of your arrest to determine whether you can keep your license or have limited driving privileges. If you drive to work, to school, to medical appointments or for any other reason, we can help you at your hearing.
  • If you feel you cannot afford a lawyer, talk to us about your situation. We feel that it is important for you to be represented by legal counsel. We can work with you on a flexible payment schedule.
  • Have you been arrested for more than one DWI charge? You could be charged with felony DWI, and your freedom could be at risk. Talk to an attorney who is concerned about your future.
  • A DWI conviction has significant consequences. There can be substantial jail time, prison time, fines, mandatory classes, treatment, increased insurance rates and loss of reputation. You don’t have to face this alone. Contact a defense lawyer today.

Defending Against Drug Charges

When your freedom and your future are at risk, you need to talk to a drug charge defense lawyer about the charges against you, the evidence and the options available to you.

  • Why were you arrested? Was the evidence properly obtained? Tell your attorney about all the circumstances of your drug arrest. If your rights were violated, your case may end quickly.
  • Our law firm has handled a wide range of drug charges, including possession, possession with intent to sell, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation and other charges.
  • Your drug charges defense lawyer will investigate the case against you and give you a careful assessment of your options. You may have a strong case, or you may decide that a plea is in your best interests. We can also work with you to negotiate a sentence or divert your case.
  • Were you arrested for illegally obtaining prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin or Percocet? Did the charges against you involve marijuana, meth, cocaine or heroin? These are serious charges that can result in a criminal record.
  • The attorneys at Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry are trial lawyers, ready to represent you in court and protect your rights.

If you are seeking a DUI or drug charges defense lawyer you can depend on, an attorney who brings small town values together with a sophisticated understanding of the law, you can count on the attorneys at the Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry law firm in Dunn, North Carolina. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.