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Protecting Victims Of Domestic Violence

Difficult family law cases can be made even worse when there is domestic violence involved. Victims of domestic violence in North Carolina can take legal action to protect themselves and their families through a domestic violence protective order, or DVPO. At the Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry law firm in Dunn, North Carolina, we can guide you through the process of obtaining this civil restraining order.

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About Domestic Violence Protective Orders

A DVPO is a temporary restraining order that can be issued in a family law case against the abuser. The abuser will not immediately be sent to jail but will be if they violate this civil court order. DVPOs can be issued against a current or former spouse, member of your family or household, someone you have a child with, or someone you are or were dating.

Orders last up to one year and can be renewed an additional two years if a modification is requested. A DVPO can do the following:

  • Order an individual to stop threatening, abusing, following or harassing the victim
  • Grant the victim possession of a shared residence
  • Evict the abuser from a shared residence and bar them from re-entry
  • Provide temporary custody and visitation arrangements
  • Order spousal and/or child support
  • Prohibit abuser from purchasing a firearm
  • Require abuser to complete a treatment program
  • Additional provisions that are deemed necessary to protect the victim

Get Help With Your Restraining Order Petition

You begin your petition for a DVPO by filling out the required paperwork at the civil court clerk’s office. In addition to the DVPO, you also can request an ex parte order if you need immediate protection.

The petition for a DVPO will be determined at a court hearing. At this hearing, you will need to prove the domestic violence is occurring. It may be in your best interests to hire a lawyer to help you prepare your case, to represent you at the hearing and to protect your legal rights throughout the process.

The attorneys at Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry can be strong advocates on your behalf. Contact our law firm today for experienced legal counsel.