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Obtaining Fair Outcomes In Child Custody & Child Support Issues

When children are involved, a primary consideration in a custody case needs to be the best interests of the children. At the Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry law firm in Dunn, North Carolina, we will guide you through child custody and child support issues and help you do what is best for your child.

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Issues In Child Custody

Restructuring a family has many issues — and not everyone may agree as to what constitutes the best interests of a child. North Carolina requires mediation for child custody matters to help families toward a solution that works and is fair to all involved.

  • Who is the primary caregiver ? Should that relationship continue after the divorce? Is that what is best for the child? Does the custodial parent have the ability to support the child (with the help of child support)?
  • When the parents can negotiate a child custody and visitation agreement, that is usually the best solution. Two parents who care about their children are the best judges of what will work for their restructured family. We will work with you to mediate with your spouse.
  • The court will consider numerous factors, such as work schedules, daycare arrangements, support systems (grandparents, aunts, uncles or close friends), day-to-day routines, special medical needs, nutrition needs and many others in making a decision about custody.
  • If needed, your lawyer can ask the court for temporary custody and child support orders while the divorce and permanent custody hearings are pending.
  • When substance abuse and/or domestic violence are involved, temporary restraining orders may be required while the court determines a permanent order for child custody.
  • Are you a grandparent seeking child custody or visitation rights? Our law firm has a successful history of protecting grandparents’ rights.
  • We can help you establish or challenge paternity.

Child Support Issues

Child support laws in North Carolina are fairly clear-cut. In nearly all cases, judges will order child support consistent with North Carolina child support guidelines. The formula is based on each party’s gross income and considers day care expenses, health insurance, and special education and medical needs. On rare occasions, the court will enter a child support amount higher or lower than the guidelines when there are compelling reasons. When the divorce is filed, temporary custody and support will often be necessary.

If you are seeking a child custody lawyer you can depend on, an attorney who brings small town values together with a sophisticated understanding of the law, you can count on the attorneys at the Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry law firm in Dunn, North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.