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Dunn NC Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Poverty makes life harder for those accused of crimes

"Criminalizing the poor" is a problem that a lot of states are facing.

Essentially, poor defendants who don't have enough resources to pay the fines, court costs and administrative fees that are leveled against them for minor offenses -- like a traffic ticket or a minor drug possession charge -- can request a waiver. Constitutionally, the waivers are generally mandated.

What happens if your minor child is arrested?

One of a parent's biggest nightmares is getting a call from the police letting them know that their minor child is under arrest for some reason -- yet it can easily happen these days.

A lot of kids get into legal trouble for behavior that would have been dealt with through the school administration in prior years or simply overlooked. A fight after school or a threat uttered in anger against a rival can now land a teenager in jail. Even preteens can get caught up in problems over things that seem like "kid stuff" to parents.

How to keep the upper hand in your divorce

Divorce is one life situation through which many people in the Dunn area believe they will lose most or all of their financial assets. As challenging as it can be on your finances, you may not realize that this creates a great opportunity to get your financial issues in order, so you can improve your post-divorce outcomes

Do not make assumptions based on your current knowledge of the law and your circumstances. There are many factors that the courts use to settle your divorce. To alleviate some of the stress and frustration as you resolve your situation, here are some things to consider to keep the upper hand. 

Set social media guidelines for yourself when divorcing

Nearly everyone in today's world uses social media in some form. We have all become accustomed to sharing certain aspects of our lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a slew of other outlets. In truth, we have grown so comfortable with social media use that we may not recognize its negative effect on divorce and other family law issues.

Most divorce attorneys practicing in North Carolina caution clients about using social media. This is because we know that what you post online may be used against you in divorce court. As a good rule of thumb, we believe the wisest solution is to stop using your accounts altogether until your divorce is resolved. However, if you feel strongly about continuing social media use, set a few strict guidelines to increase your protection.

North Carolina criminal defense: Life after a felony conviction

You may already understand how a felony conviction affects your life immediately, but have you given any thought to the future consequences? For example, say you were convicted of a drug felony and dutifully served your time and paid the price. When you reenter society, you will likely face more obstacles than you might have imagined.

Some of these collateral consequences include the following.

Estate administration: Qualities of a good estate executor

Creating an estate plan brings peace of mind as well as a sense of accomplishment. While there are many tasks involved in estate planning, one of the most important is selecting the right estate executor. This process calls for careful consideration and an attorney with experience in estate administration can provide guidance on your choice of executor.

An executor fills a critical role in estate administration. He or she must be prepared to perform many tasks such as handling tax matters and dealing with beneficiaries, to name only two. An executor's role is filled with responsibility and not just anyone is equipped to meet this responsibility effectively.

Innocent but arrested for drugged driving in North Carolina

With the legalization of marijuana happening across the country, many false drugged driving arrests have occurred. While marijuana is not legal in North Carolina, it is still possible to be falsely arrested on drugged driving charges. The problem with these arrests is that there are no reliable testing methods as there are with drunk driving.

It is already happening in other states. Our close neighbor, the state of Georgia, has made headlines for allegedly making false drugged driving arrests. In fact, the Cobb County Police Department has been targeted in a lawsuit filed by three motorists who were arrested for drugged driving. It was later shown that none of the plaintiffs was impaired at the time of their arrests. The authorities dropped the charges, but the arrests still appear on the motorists' records.

How dangerous are elevators and can you sue for injuries?

It could be argued that any technology responsible for carrying or transporting people has certain dangers. With all of their moving parts and manufactured elements, elevators are no exception. At one time or another, most people have experienced an elevator scare. For example, being trapped inside the car for a time or feeling the car shift or bounce.

The examples above are mostly benign, meaning that people do not typically suffer injuries in those instances. However, residents of the U.S. have been injured and even killed in elevator malfunctions, putting such incidents in the realm of premises liability law.

Why you should not put off estate planning

As busy as you are with work, your kids and other aspects of your life in North Carolina, the one thing you cannot afford to put off is planning your estate. You may think you do not need to make arrangements because you do not have much of anything to leave behind. But if you do not take time now to leave behind your final instructions, the legacy you do leave behind could end up in some random person’s hands. 

You do not need to be a senior citizen to benefit from estate planning. Life is unpredictable. Accidents, birth and death all happen in the blink of an eye. No matter how safe and cautious of an individual you are, there is always the possibility you could fall ill or die when you least expect it. Take some time to review why you should stop procrastinating on estate planning. 

Duties that you can and should expect from a defense lawyer

What do you visualize when you think about a criminal defense attorney? If you are like most people, you see a person dressed in business attire standing before the court and arguing in favor of a defendant. While courtroom representation is an important duty, it is only a portion of our overall service as defense attorneys.

We believe the attorney and client relationship is one of the most unique, especially in a criminal defense case. Almost no other kind of association requires the level of trust and candor that occurs between a defense lawyer and a client. It is a relationship that both parties must take seriously.