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Can you fight city hall over a zoning issue?

You found a great location that you think is perfect for your business. The rent or purchase price is within your budget, you think that it's going to see an appropriate amount of foot traffic and the building is exactly what you had hoped to find.

There's just one problem: The local zoning ordinances don't match up with how you see yourself using the business. You're simply not allowed to use the property the way you'd hoped.

What happens during plea bargaining?

Plea bargains are an integral part of the criminal legal system. Prosecutors like them because they're always counted as a "win" in their statistics. The courts like them because they help keep the system moving and reduce the backlog of cases that need to be heard. Defendants like them because they can often carve out a deal that's much better than they'd likely get if the case went to trial.

But plea bargains are actually complicated negotiations that may occur in stages. There are three different areas of a criminal case that may involve these kinds of negotiation:

What will your car insurance do if you get into a serious crash?

Car insurance is a lot like the combustion engine in your vehicle. Everyone who drives needs it, but very few people really understand how it works. That lack of knowledge leaves you in a vulnerable position when you need to file a claim to recoup losses related to a motor vehicle collision.

You could wind up in a crash that produces substantial injuries and expensive property damage only to discover that your insurance doesn't offer the coverage you think it does. The better you understand the structure of North Carolina motor vehicle liability insurance and its requirements, the easier it will be to make smart decisions about your insurance and any claims you need to file in the future.

You've decided on divorce: Now what?

Making the decision to seek a divorce is tough, but figuring out what you need to do after you make the decision can be even tougher. If you've come to a clear realization that you want a divorce, here are some of the things you should do next.

1. Get educated.

Ignition interlocks stop drunk drivers but cause accidents

When someone is arrested for drunk driving, it isn't uncommon for the court to order an ignition interlock device to be placed in their car. An ignition interlock is essentially a breathalyzer that keeps a car from running if the driver has a positive blood alcohol reading.

In North Carolina, ignition interlocks are required for anyone convicted of driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .15 or higher. They're also required for any driver who has had more than one DUI. And, all of the available evidence really does indicate that they can reduce the number of DUI-related deaths by up to 15%. That has prompted some members of Congress to propose legislation that would put an ignition interlock in every new car by 2024.

North Carolina woman faces jail over illegal voting

A North Carolina woman was subjected to a tactical-style assault on her home by the police this past July and arrested on an open warrant that she didn't even know existed. She now faces up to 19 months behind bars.

Her crime was voting in the 2016 presidential election while on parole.

What happens during the discovery process after a car accident?

If you were injured in a car accident and the insurance company hasn't made a decent settlement offer, you may naturally want to pursue your injury claim in court. There are a lot of steps, however, that have to be taken between the time you file a claim and the time your case goes to court.

One of those steps is the discovery process.

How can you avoid a drunk driving charge?

A drunk driving charge is one of the scariest things you can experience. A conviction can wreck your finances, destroy your reputation and damage your professional standing.

Naturally, the number one way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to scrupulously avoid drinking when you have to drive -- even socially. That means not stopping for a beer on your way home, not having a glass of wine when you're out for dinner and not drinking at any parties unless you have a ride home.

How to avoid a real fight over Thanksgiving

Do politics have you dreading Thanksgiving this year? If so, you're not alone. It's estimated that a millions of families with political divides cut their meals short every year because of tension and fights.

How do you keep the peace? It might not be easy, but here are a few ideas:

What are damages in a car accident claim?

The law has a language all of its own -- and familiar words sometimes take on unfamiliar meanings when they're used in reference to a car accident claim.

Consider the term "damages," for example. In a car accident claim, your damages are the sum value you assign to whatever losses you suffered as a result of the accident. The total will naturally include any actual economic damages -- or things that can be easily assigned a dollar value. Economic damages include the cost of your car repairs, your medical bills and your lost wages, among other things.

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