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Is leg pain after a car wreck worth worrying over?

Even a minor car wreck can leave you feeling battered and bruised -- so the fact that one or both of your legs hurt after an accident is hardly surprising. You probably don't think it's anything serious.

Unfortunately, you could be wrong. Severe, shooting pain in your legs following a car wreck can be the sign of much more serious problems that are still developing as damaged muscles, nerves and other parts of your body start to develop inflammation.

Do you need an attorney to negotiate a plea deal?

Americans are pretty fond of "do-it-yourself" projects, but there are some areas of life that should never be handled without experienced assistance. In particular, we're talking about plea deals.

The majority of criminal cases in the United States today don't result in a trial. Plea deals are a daily occurrence inside most courthouses because they keep the court docket from overflowing any further than it already is and ease the way for prosecutors to have a favorable clearance and "win" rate on their cases. They're also useful for defendants, who can often secure a better outcome through a plea deal than they might get through a trial.

Out-of-state drivers need to be careful when crossing state lines

North Carolina has beautiful scenic highways and routes that people love to travel, especially when the weather is warm and inviting. The state is known for its beaches and interesting cities, so it's no surprise that there are often tourists visiting.

The problem with tourists is that they aren't familiar with the state's traffic laws, roadways or drivers' typical behaviors. As a result, it's common to see people get into crashes when they've come from out of state.

Driving safely on black ice in North Carolina

North Carolina's weather has been pretty wild this year -- and that's led to plenty of problems on the roads. Late-winter storms in February sent sleet, snow and freezing rain all over the Carolinas, along with parts of Virginia and Georgia. The National Weather Service even felt compelled to issue warnings about the hazardous road conditions -- including black ice.

Black ice is probably a familiar problem for a lot of drivers in the North, but it isn't something that people see that often in this state. Black ice just looks black -- it's actually a thin, clear coating of ice that forms very rapidly on the roads during rain when the temperature suddenly drops. Because it's largely invisible, it's smart to understand how to handle black ice when you encounter it:

North Carolinians are seeking fewer marriages and divorces

Are marriage and divorce both going out of style? The marriage and divorce rates all over the nation are on the decline, including in North Carolina.

Over the decade between 2008 and 2018, marriage rates among women dropped from 18.5 per 1,000 to 15.7. The divorce rates in the state, while still slightly higher than the national average, also declined. In 2008, 10.1 couples out of 1,000 could expect to divorce. Now, that figure is down to 8.6 out of 1,000.

What are the signs your brakes need replaced?

Modern vehicles are a marvel of technology and engineering -- but even the best of them wear down and need replacement parts from time to time.

Aside from your tires, your brakes are probably the part of your vehicle that need the most care. If it's been a while since you've had the health of your brakes checked, you may be wondering how much further you can push your luck. Here are the signs you should never ignore:

  1. Your brake light is on. Those dashboard lights are there for a reason. Yours may be telling you that your brakes are due for an inspection -- or it could be a sign of real danger. Don't take the chance.
  2. You hear noises when you're using the brakes. Whether you're just backing out of the garage or you hear a strange whining noise when you roll to a stop at a light, that's a sure sign that your brake pads are getting old.
  3. You're wobbling, rocking or shaking when you brake. Your steering wheel shouldn't vibrate when you brake -- and neither should your vehicle. Any strange vibrations are a sign that you need to get to a repair shop.
  4. Your brakes feel "soft." You know what your brakes should feel like when you press them. If they start to feel spongy, get them repaired.

Should North Carolina give criminal defendants a break?

When defense attorneys talk about the consequences of an arrest, they often speak of the collateral damage to a defendant's life -- including the possibility that an arrest and conviction will haunt the defendant's footsteps forever. A decades-old theft conviction for shoplifting, for example, could make every potential employer distrust you. A charge for assault over a bar fight in your youth could continue to brand you a "violent" person for years -- even if you weren't convicted.

Well, it turns out that most of the residents of North Carolina don't feel like that's fair. A poll orchestrated by Conservatives for Criminal Justice Reform gave telling results:

  • 89% of the overall population in the state wants criminal records to be automatically cleaned up when a case is dismissed or a defendant is acquitted.
  • 86% of residents think that misdemeanor convictions for nonviolent crimes should fall off a person's record if they've stayed out of trouble for at least seven years.
  • 81% of people think that defendants convicted of nonviolent misdemeanors should be permitted to clear their records after just five years (assuming they've stayed out of further trouble).

What happens when airbags don't deploy correctly?

When you're in a motor vehicle of any kind, you naturally rely on all of its various features to keep you safe -- including your vehicle's airbags.

But what if those airbags don't deploy? What if they deploy when they aren't supposed to, turning a minor accident into a major one? What if they suddenly deploy when you're just driving down the road?

How much is your North Carolina personal injury claim worth?

Life can be an adventure that sometimes brings us surprising and unexpected experiences or negative, difficult situations. What started as a totally normal day could wind up being a life-changing moment if you get into a car accident, slip and fall, or otherwise experience some form of personal injury caused by negligence or wrongful acts by other people. Not only will you have to deal with the pain of that injury, but also its impact on the rest of your life, like your family and your career.

If there is any silver lining to suffering a serious personal injury, it is that you can at least seek compensation for the financial losses you incurred due to the injury through a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible for your injuries. However, in order to collect any kind of compensation, you will have to put a financial price on the injuries you suffered.

Closing the deceased's subscriptions and other accounts

When you're in charge of handling someone else's estate, the list of tasks you have to manage can seem endless. One of those tasks involves canceling the deceased's credit cards, automatic payments, subscriptions and other reoccuring charges.

Where do you start? First, obtain several copies of the deceased's death certificate so that you can fax or mail them wherever necessary. Then, start tackling these accounts:

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