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What defenses do you have to theft charges?

If you've been charged with theft and the facts of the case seem to support the allegations, do you still have any possible defenses?

In any criminal case, you're only guilty of what the prosecution can prove. That's an important thing to remember -- it can keep you from pleading guilty when you shouldn't.

Three things to consider when creating a parenting plan

In the middle of a divorce, separating spouses may become so consumed with their needs that they fail to consider the needs of their children, especially when working on a parenting plan. Regardless of the issues you encounter in your divorce, those involving child custody and parenting schedules are often the most challenging. 

It is crucial for you and your spouse to try and work out any potential kinks in your parenting plan yourself. If you do not, the judge will make decisions that align with what the courts perceive to be the best interests of your children, which may not include considerations for your needs and concerns. Here are some things to keep in mind while working on your parenting plan. 

Woman pleads guilty in felony drunk driving case

A 27-year old North Carolina resident entered a guilty plea to a felony DUI. After hearing all the evidence and pleas from the woman, her family members and the family members of her victim, the judge issued a sentence of 15 years.

One victim died in the wreck. The surviving victim, who suffered extensive physical and mental damage and will never fully recover, was a police officer. He was responding to an unrelated emergency call regarding a bar fight when the woman's car struck him.

How do you pick the executor of your estate?

One of the hardest things about drafting an estate plan isn't facing your own mortality -- it's picking the executor.

Why is it so difficult? Mostly because there are a lot of different factors to consider, not the least of which are family dynamics. Here are the top things you need to think about in order to choose the right executor for your estate:

Defending against an assault and battery charge

Assault and battery are two criminal charges that are often intertwined, even though they're actually separate offenses.

Assault involves threatening another person with an injury -- verbally or by your actions. If you actually make contact with the other person, that's considered battery. The contact doesn't necessarily have to be harmful to be considered battery. It's enough for a conviction if the contact is considered offensive to most reasonable people.

Couples: Keep finances separate during the early stage

Financial experts have an important piece of advice for unmarried couples who are just embarking down the road of life together: Keep your finances separate.

At least, you should keep them separate for a little while, anyhow. Naturally, most couples believe that they'll be together forever -- but given the often-fluid nature of relationships in the modern world, keeping your fiances untangled until you've been together for at least a year is a wise idea.

How a lawyer could help with your DWI charge

People who face DWI charges tend to react in one of several ways or a combination thereof.

To list a sampling:

  • Group One shrugs off the charge as nothing big. It is something akin to a speeding ticket for this group (little do they realize that they have only 10 days to fight to keep their license).
  • Group Two is confused and angry. They were not drinking, and they feel disrespected and maligned by police. They are upset that they have to fight a charge they are so clearly innocent of. They may even decide that their innocence is so obvious they will defend themselves.
  • Group Three thinks they are guilty, and many may actually have had a BAC above 0.08 percent. It does not matter if the police might have violated their rights. They are guilty, and so they will accept the consequences of their charge. 

3 killed in North Carolina crash

Three young people lost their lives in a multi-car crash in North Carolina near Middlesex that could have been avoided.

Police officers say that a 22-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man were traveling together in one car. Another car, a Ford Mustang, came speeding along on highway 231 at just the wrong moment. The 22-year-old woman turned into the direct path of the Ford Mustang. The passenger in the Ford, a 25-year-old man, was also killed and the driver, a 20-year old male, was injured.

Physically and legally protect yourself during an arrest

Getting arrested is naturally unpleasant -- but it's also both physically and legally dangerous.

Tension is usually high for both the accused and the officers making the arrest. If you've been watching the news, you're probably already aware that many police-involved shootings happen during arrests.