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If you're pregnant, learn how to buckle up safely

The slogan, "Seat belts save lives" is embedded deeply in the subconsciousness of many Americans. People generally have gotten better about buckling up than they once were -- thanks to aggressive advertising, safety education and (quite frankly) car features that remind them they should be wearing their safety restraints whenever a car is in motion.

However, a lot of pregnant women struggle with seat belts. Aside from the fact that their changing bodies make buckling up harder than normal, many pregnant women worry that the seat belt will actually prove dangerous to the baby if they do get into an accident.

Why shouldn't you let the police look around your car?

A lot of traffic stops evolve into drug busts with one simple question. The officer starts by asking, casually enough, "Do you mind if I look around your car?"

If you know that you don't have any illegal drugs in your possession, you might be tempted to shrug and tell the officer to go ahead. After all, it's vaguely uncomfortable to tell a police officer that you won't allow his or her request, so it often seems easier just to go along with things.

Common locations where slip-and-fall injuries occur

Slipping and falling can cause various injuries, including sprains, fractures and brain trauma. According to recent statistics, slip-and-fall accidents account for approximately 1 million emergency room visits each year. Due to the severity of this issue, it is vital to be aware of the risks of slipping and falling.

You may suffer a slip and fall injury in a multitude of places indoors and outdoors. Where the incident happens is a determining factor in who is liable for your injury and who you can sue. Here are some of the most common locations for slip-and-fall accidents.

When your current employer hands you a noncompete agreement

Even if you didn't sign a noncompete agreement when you started your job, you still may need to know how to handle the issue if you're asked to sign one. More and more employers are using noncompete agreements to protect their interests. It's a wise business move for many in an age where "what you know" can be as valuable as "what you can do."

Your current employer may suddenly ask you to sign a noncompete agreement. Should you?

Traveling for the holidays? Stay safe with these tips

"Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house" no longer applies to most Americans. These days, holiday travel usually takes families out of town -- and maybe out of state.

To stay safe on your holiday travels, here are some reminders of what you need to do:

North Carolina man wins new trial over self-defense

A 33-year-old North Carolina man won a victory in the state's appellate court over his 2017 conviction for murder. The court has ordered a new trial in the case.

According to the court, the jurors in the original case were not given proper notice of the state's controversial "stand your ground" law. The defendant in this case admitted that he shot the victim in the murder trial but claimed that he did so because he was merely defending himself. Testimony in the trial showed that there was an altercation between the men before the defendant fired his gun during the 2015 incident.

Understanding the different trust beneficiaries

A proper estate plan has a number of important elements. For some parties, that may include a trust.

As with theĀ estate plan itself, it is important to understand the terminology of a trust in order to utilize it properly. One of the most crucial terms in the trust is the beneficiary, and there are a few different types to consider.

Don't ruin your Thanksgiving with a drunk driving arrest

Social drinking tends to increase during all holidays -- and Thanksgiving is no exception. Unfortunately, social drinkers (unlike regular drinkers) are at a disadvantage when it comes to knowing their limits. Not every social drinker who gets intoxicated sets out to end up that way, which is why not everyone has a designated driver ready to take them home.

Just the same, if you find yourself out celebrating and you realize that you've had one drink too many to drive, it helps to have a few plans in mind.

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