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3 killed in North Carolina crash

Three young people lost their lives in a multi-car crash in North Carolina near Middlesex that could have been avoided.

Police officers say that a 22-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man were traveling together in one car. Another car, a Ford Mustang, came speeding along on highway 231 at just the wrong moment. The 22-year-old woman turned into the direct path of the Ford Mustang. The passenger in the Ford, a 25-year-old man, was also killed and the driver, a 20-year old male, was injured.

Physically and legally protect yourself during an arrest

Getting arrested is naturally unpleasant -- but it's also both physically and legally dangerous.

Tension is usually high for both the accused and the officers making the arrest. If you've been watching the news, you're probably already aware that many police-involved shootings happen during arrests.

Key facts about hit-and-run traffic charges

Auto accidents can be nerve-racking, and even frightening, and this can cause some people to panic. Fleeing from the scene of an auto accident is a serious traffic violation that may result in hefty penalties.

If you face such charges, here are a few key facts to know.

Is your marriage built to last?

Does your marriage come with an expiration date? Couples usually don't start a marriage expecting it to fall apart, but divorce attorneys say that there are some early predictors that spell doom for a marriage.

What are they? Knowing the signs of potential issues could help you prevent your marriage from falling apart.

Telling your children about their inheritance

Knowing how to talk to your children about their inheritance is tough -- you want to address the issues you see ahead but you also don't want to create unnecessary drama.

Far too many parents fail to have the necessary discussions with their children. Instead of relieving anxiety in their children by not addressing the issue, however, they create it.

Can you notify your spouse about your divorce by Facebook?

In this day of no-fault divorce, the courts no longer need an "acceptable" reason, like bigamy, cruelty or habitual drinking, to let a divorce go through. It's enough to say that you simply don't want to remain married any longer. However, due process still requires that the other spouse be served adequate notice of the divorce and opportunity to respond -- even protest.

That has presented a large number of people with errant spouses a significant problem. They can't very well send their spouses any notices when those spouses have dropped off the map somehow.

4 things you should know about shoplifting in North Carolina

In North Carolina, shoplifting is taken seriously -- but the laws regarding theft are often hard to understand.

In order to protect yourself, there are some facts everyone should know.

How do you drive in the North Carolina snow?

If you plan on heading into the Charlotte area of North Carolina in the next week or so, police are advising extra caution. The ice and snow is making it difficult for drivers to stay safe on the roads.

To say that North Carolina drivers "aren't exactly used to driving through those kinds of road conditions" is probably a massive understatement. In that area of the United States, a little snow on the roads is cause for big concern.

The importance of updating your estate plans to prevent issues

When it comes to estate planning in Dunn, the more often you update your plans, the better. Many people do not realize it, but estate plans contain important decisions that last forever. If you made your estate plans long ago, now is the perfect time for you to brush them off and look them over. 

Recent tax law changes and life events can cause complications with your estate plans if you fail to update them. To maintain control over your assets after you die, consider the following information about updating your estate plans