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Volkswagen recalls cars for potentially dangerous flaws

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | Car Accidents |

A Volkswagen recall program is in progress that affects more than two and a half million vehicles, including many in North Carolina. The recalls ordered include drive system and electronic flaws, some of which have the potential to result in dangerous car accidents.

Owners have reported such issues as power loss, vibration and unexpected acceleration. According to a company spokesman, Volkswagen recommends that 1.6 million vehicles recalled use mineral oil in their dual-clutch 7 speed gearboxes instead of using the originally recommended synthetic oil. Replacing the oil could help to avoid future electrical malfunction. Other issues reported include possible fuel leaks in Amarok model pickup trucks, and Tiguan SUV’s should be checked for defective lighting systems.

Recent recalls aren’t exclusive to the Volkswagen Group. Additional recalls conducted by Chrysler, Toyota Motor Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors highlight the need for modern vehicle manufacturers to adequately test and keep up with new technologies to avoid the potential hazards they sometimes represent. As today’s cars have become more complex, they present issues of operation that may have no precedent and therefore, no real gauge of assurance that they will work as designed. As with any new technology, there are bugs to be worked out.

Whenever an accident occurs due to a manufacturing or engineering defect and people are injured or killed, the vehicles involved must be investigated to determine whether the technology failed and created a dangerous situation for the victims. Accident attorneys specialize in helping to bring those causes to light so lawsuits can be filed in court. When car manufacturers are found to be responsible for any damage their flaws have caused it helps in winning compensation for victims of their failed products.

Source: Automotive News, “Volkswagen recalls 2.6 million vehicles on engine, light faults“, November 14, 2013


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