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Former state legislator files lawsuit over fatal DUI crash

A former North Carolina state legislator recently filed a lawsuit stemming from a 2011 car crash that resulted in the death of the other car's driver. The man who was killed was a friend. The two became friends after they both ran against each other for election for the same seat in the North Carolina State General Assembly. According to court documents, the suit names both the estate of the man killed and a local wine bar as defendants. The documents allege that the person who was killed drank too much at a local wine bar and that the bar continued to serve the man alcohol even after it was evident that he had become intoxicated.

Driver accused of drunk driving after causing head-on collision

A North Carolina woman was taken into police custody after causing a head-on accident. According to the report, the car accident occurred after the 25-year-old driver sideswiped an SUV before colliding head-on with another vehicle.

Man being investigated for fatal hit and run

A North Carolina man who may have been involved in a fatal hit-and-run admitted that a damaged vehicle belonged to him but refused to answer further inquiries. According to the report, the fatal car accident resulted in the death of one 18-year-old woman and caused severe injuries to a second 18-year-old woman.

New trucking rules affect North Carolina drivers

New regulations designed to cut down on the number of large truck accidents are being put into effect by the federal government and may have an impact on the trucking industry in North Carolina and throughout the country. Although only 15 percent of long-haul truckers will be affected by the new rules, the Department of Transportation hopes to save at least 19 lives per year and avoid many of the injuries and deaths caused by fatigue-related truck accident incidents on highways.

Motorists advised to watch out for motorcycles during summer

North Carolina motorists might be interested to hear that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises all motorists to be on the look-out for motorcycles during the summer months. Amicable weather and favorable road conditions encourage more motorcyclists to come out and ride their bikes during the summer months than any other months. The administration says that with a rise in motorcycles in the road also comes a rise in potential danger.

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