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What factors put me at risk for slip-and-fall?

Slip-and-fall accidents are common in North Carolina. Even though they are more likely to occur at home, it is not unusual for people to injure themselves on some else's property. Stores, resorts, hotels, schools and workplaces are common places these accidents can occur outside of the home. Property owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to keep their properties safe for the public. However, situations can arise when they do not take their responsibilities seriously that can result in fall accidents and injuries.

Why are booby traps illegal?

Setting up a booby trap for a person who breaks into your home, perhaps in part because of the popular Home Alone movie franchise, is something people often find enticing. After all, a burglar broke the law by entering your home in the first place. Don't you have the right to do anything you want to stop them?

How to spot a drunk driver this summer

Summer is the time for sunshine, family vacations and fun with friends. It may not seem like a dangerous season, especially on the highway. However, one of the biggest hazards this time of year is motor vehicle accidents. In fact, July 4 has the highest number of deaths from motor vehicle crashes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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