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Charges filed in North Carolina motorcycle accident

Those who operate motor vehicles are obligated to do so in the safest manner possible. The highways and byways of the United States are bustling, busy thoroughfares. Distracted driving, reckless driving or other acts of negligence often lead to roadway disaster. A recent motorcycle accident in North Carolina occurred when a driver reportedly failed to reduce her speed at the proper time.

Alcohol sometimes a factor in North Carolina arrests

Although a person charged with a crime in North Carolina and all other states is presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty in court, the fact of the matter is that just being accused of the crime often has immediate and long-lasting effects. It is understandable that one who finds him or herself charged with an offense related to alcohol would want to seek clarification on the issues at hand. Regardless of what has led to your arrest, you have right to seek legal representation in the matter.

NTSB: Collision avoidance systems should become standard equipment

Shopping for a new car is now a much different experience that it was just a decade ago thanks in large part to advances in automotive technology. Indeed, while consumers used to be intrigued by the prospect of features like sunroofs, leather seats and multi-disc changers, they now want these features plus things like in-dash touch screen consoles, Bluetooth capability and even WiFi.

How sleep apnea is affecting the trucking industry

While much has been written about the dangers posed by truck driver fatigue, the majority of this material is predicated on the idea of truckers who are knowingly pushing themselves beyond their physical capabilities -- and likely the law -- in order to make deadlines.

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