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January 2016 Archives


The North Carolina military community is mourning the recent loss of one of its own. A command sergeant major from Fort Bragg was an accident victim in a recent motorcycle crash. The 47-year-old veteran was the father of two and also leaves behind two grandchildren. 

Legal challenges may arise after truck accident in North Carolina

Motor vehicle accidents that result in injury are not uncommon on North Carolina highways. When an incident involves a truck accident, a surviving victim may be met with certain legal challenges in the aftermath of the collision. It is, therefore, typically advisable to seek legal intervention as soon as one is able after an accident injury has occurred.

North Carolina fatal car accident blamed on negligence

When businesses are located along the side of busy highways, the occupants of vehicles pulling into or out of their driveways are at risk for accidents. If another motorist in the vicinity is not paying attention, that negligence can cause a collision that results in injury to one or more persons. A recent fatal car accident occurred in North Carolina and appears to have been caused by the negligence of one driver, resulting in the loss of one woman's life.