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Get off the sidewalks: Untested teens may soon be driving in NC

North Carolina is poised to make some big changes to the process that teens go through before they can get a driver's license. If House Bill 158 becomes law, teens in this state would be eligible to obtain their provisional, or Level Two, drivers' licenses without a road test. However, they would still need a road test before they can obtain a Level Three provisional license.

If your victim drops the charges, does your case go away?

You got into a fight with your girlfriend and it got out of control. The police were called. Your girlfriend made allegations that you were assaultive. You were charged with domestic violence. Now, your entire life has been turned upside down and you'd give anything for the whole case to just go away. Should you ask your girlfriend to drop the charges?

Why are wills contested?

Testators often draft wills with the expectation that their final wishes will be carried out as per their instructions when they die. Things don't always go according to plans, though. Wills can be challenged or invalidated based on their contents and the laws in the jurisdiction where the testator last resided.

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