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Inadequate security at festivals, concerts and fairs

One of the perks of summer is the number of local festivals, concerts and fairs around. When you attend one of these events, you have a right to expect that the organizers will have taken certain steps to ensure the general safety of everyone present.

How points on your driver's license work

When a cop pulls you over for a traffic offense and gives you a ticket, more than just irritation and inconvenience occur. A ticket also comes with lasting consequences, which is why it is not always best to just pay the fine and move on.

Can you get rid of an easement?

Easements, which grant someone else the right to use a piece of property in some way, are often a troubling issue in real estate. What didn't bother a past owner may be quite troublesome to a new owner -- and that creates conflict with the people who feel that the easement is their right.

Another accident at Five Points in Glenwood has residents angry

On June 23, some diners at a local pizzeria in the Five Points area of Glenwood, North Carolina, had their dining experience abruptly curtailed when a 20-year-old drunk driver went over the curb and crashed into the outdoor patio of the restaurant.

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