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What are the dangers associated with poorly lit parking lots?

If there's one thing that property owners could do to minimize their legal exposure, it would be to spend more time and money focusing on better lighting their parking lots. Poorly lit ones are dangerous on multiple levels. They result in countless individuals unnecessarily suffering injuries here in Harnett County and across the rest of North Carolina every year. Any insurance company or court payouts go against a property owner's bottom line.

The devastating consequences of facial injuries in a car wreck

You thought you were lucky to walk away from the wreckage of your vehicle -- until you registered the pain in your head and the blood on your face. When you saw your reflection, you were shocked at just how badly battered you looked from facial injuries that you didn't even immediately register during the accident.

Why do parents of minor children need an estate plan?

Many people think of an estate plan as something only a senior citizen needs to set up. Unfortunately, that line of thinking can leave minor children without a plan for their future if something happens to both of their parents. If you have children who still live at home or who have special needs, you need to get your estate plan in place now for their benefit.

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