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Finding legal help after a North Carolina drunk driving accident

A motorist never knows when he or she will be involved in an accident while driving on North Carolina roads. Even when a driver takes all precautions and carefully adheres to traffic regulations, another motorist's negligence can result in a collision. When a person suffers an injury or loses a loved one because of a negligent driver, he or she may experience frustration in addition to grief. When a drunk driving accident is determined to have caused an injury or death, it only makes matters worse.

Witness shocked at North Carolina fatal accident wreckage

A woman taking a morning stroll along a North Carolina road never expected to witness a tragedy that day. She said she's never before witnessed anything so devastating in all her life. The wreckage she saw was debris from a fatal accident that involved two vehicles.

North Carolina hit-and-run devastates community

Parents typically teach their older children to look after their younger siblings. It appears one boy took such teaching to heart when he recently performed a heroic deed at a school bus stop to save his little sister from harm's way. What happened next has left the North Carolina community reeling with grief. What began as a usual morning at a school bus stop turned into a tragic hit-and-run accident that resulted in the loss of one brave life.

North Carolina crash might have been caused by negligent driver

Whether one is traveling alone or with a car full of passengers, the person behind the wheel is expected to operate his or her vehicle in as safe a manner as possible. A negligent driver can cause an accident, which can be tragic if someone is injured or killed. Such was the case in a recent incident in North Carolina when a single vehicle crash left others mourning in its wake.

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