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What's your duty to mitigate your damages after a wreck?

Car accidents are frustrating and scary. When they leave you with serious injuries, they can also be debilitating. Naturally, you expect the person who caused the accident (or their insurance company) to pick up the tabs for your lost wages and other expenses. After all, you're clearly quite hurt.

Can you fight city hall over a zoning issue?

You found a great location that you think is perfect for your business. The rent or purchase price is within your budget, you think that it's going to see an appropriate amount of foot traffic and the building is exactly what you had hoped to find.

What happens during plea bargaining?

Plea bargains are an integral part of the criminal legal system. Prosecutors like them because they're always counted as a "win" in their statistics. The courts like them because they help keep the system moving and reduce the backlog of cases that need to be heard. Defendants like them because they can often carve out a deal that's much better than they'd likely get if the case went to trial.

What will your car insurance do if you get into a serious crash?

Car insurance is a lot like the combustion engine in your vehicle. Everyone who drives needs it, but very few people really understand how it works. That lack of knowledge leaves you in a vulnerable position when you need to file a claim to recoup losses related to a motor vehicle collision.

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