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When do the police have to read you your rights?

Maybe you got into a fight with someone and the police were called and you got arrested. Perhaps you were picked up on suspicion of drunk driving. Maybe it was something else. Either way, you kept waiting for the arresting officer to launch into the "Miranda" warning that you've heard so many times on TV. You know, the one that starts out, "You have the right to remain silent," and details what can happen if you don't, among other things.

Two important discussions for those getting divorced in 2020

Those going through a divorce this year will face questions that those getting divorced in 2019 did not need to ask. The current coronavirus pandemic has impacted family lives, the legal system and the divorce process. Two specific examples of the impact of COVID-19 on divorce that every couple considering or currently going through a split should consider include how the divorce will progress and, for those with children, how it will impact parenting plans.

Combat the financial impact of a wreck by seeking compensation

Car wrecks are traumatic for many people who go through them. The initial shock can make it difficult to think about what you need to do. Taking the normal steps like gathering the other driver's information, contacting the police department and getting witness names and phone numbers are important. If you're injured, you also need to obtain medical care.

What happens if my parents died broke?

Instead of fighting with siblings over an estate matter, many baby boomers are now facing a totally different estate administration conundrum — sorting out the mess when their parents died outright broke or heavily indebted. This scenario plays out far more often than one would suspect. In fact, in 2012, the National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study that determined almost 50% of senior citizens pass away with less than $10,000 in assets.

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