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Should North Carolina give criminal defendants a break?

When defense attorneys talk about the consequences of an arrest, they often speak of the collateral damage to a defendant's life -- including the possibility that an arrest and conviction will haunt the defendant's footsteps forever. A decades-old theft conviction for shoplifting, for example, could make every potential employer distrust you. A charge for assault over a bar fight in your youth could continue to brand you a "violent" person for years -- even if you weren't convicted.

How much is your North Carolina personal injury claim worth?

Life can be an adventure that sometimes brings us surprising and unexpected experiences or negative, difficult situations. What started as a totally normal day could wind up being a life-changing moment if you get into a car accident, slip and fall, or otherwise experience some form of personal injury caused by negligence or wrongful acts by other people. Not only will you have to deal with the pain of that injury, but also its impact on the rest of your life, like your family and your career.

Closing the deceased's subscriptions and other accounts

When you're in charge of handling someone else's estate, the list of tasks you have to manage can seem endless. One of those tasks involves canceling the deceased's credit cards, automatic payments, subscriptions and other reoccuring charges.

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