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Why would you use an incentive trust?

You know how an incentive trust works: Your heirs are given a set of conditions, which are sometimes viewed as goals. If they reach them, the trust pays out either in part or in full. This is different than many trusts that simply pay out at certain ages, regardless of all else.

To survive, the brain fails to make traumatic memories

People sometimes assume they must be blocking out traumatic memories if they're involved in a serious accident -- like a car crash -- and they can't remember the wreck itself. They may even find that they can't remember what happened after it, even though witnesses tell them that they were awake.

Running coach will never walk again after accident

A man was paralyzed in a car accident in Black Mountain. Though he was brought to Mission Hospital's Trauma Center and has been getting care in the ICU, his family has now said that they do not believe he'll ever fully recover or be able to walk again.

Should you have a 'Titanic clause?'

When you draw up an estate plan, an experienced attorney will ask you to consider all possible contingencies. This not only helps ensure that your wishes are carried out regardless of what happens to others in your immediate circle, but helps avoid the need for multiple amendments later on.

When can you challenge a loved one's will?

Generally, if a will is drawn up by an experienced estate planning attorney, there is little room for family members or others to challenge it after a person's death. However, there are some grounds on which you can potentially challenge a will. Following are a few of the most common.

Potential legal issues when breaking off an engagement

One of the items that many couples include in their prenuptial agreements is who will get any jewelry given to one another during the marriage. If an engagement ring had significant monetary or sentimental value, the groom-to-be may also want to include a stipulation that he gets that back if the couple divorces.

Can social media hurt a divorce?

The popularity of social media has made it all too tempting to post the more personal details of life. For many, social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have become a place to vent. However, what a soon-to-be ex may not realize is that there can be potential consequences stemming from posting certain details while going through a divorce.

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