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Why should you have a 'no nup?'

It's not uncommon for couples to eschew the wedding vows and live together as an unmarried but committed couple, sometimes for many decades. However, if you're going to cohabitate with someone, whether it's as a first step to marriage or as a more permanent arrangement, it's essential to protect yourself financially in the event that the relationship ends or one of you passes away.

We're entering one of the most dangerous periods on our roads

We're coming up on the most joyous time of year for many people. Unfortunately, this holiday period also includes some of the most deadly days of the year on our nation's roads. This is due to a combination of more people on the road and increased drinking.

Veterans' treatment courts increasing, but more needed

The number of veterans' treatment courts is increasing here in North Carolina, as it has over the past eight years across the country. These specialized courts have been established to deal with military vets who are facing charges for minor crimes.

How accurate are eyewitness testimonies?

Eyewitness testimonies have been used in criminal trials for centuries, and someone who believes he or she saw you commit a crime could have a strong effect on the outcome of your case. However, according to the Innocence Project, DNA testing has resulted in hundreds of exonerations. In over 70 percent of these cases, people were sent to prison for crimes they did not commit because of the faulty testimony of an eyewitness.

Dealing with an ex who doesn't want to parent

If your estranged spouse wasn't an involved parent while you were married, don't expect him or her to change for the better after your divorce. Some non-custodial parents come to appreciate spending time with their kids when they don't have them around all the time. However, for those whose former spouses haven't embraced their paternal or maternal side, co-parenting can have challenges.

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