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Delivery driver starts rehabilitation after crash

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A North Carolina delivery driver suffered a serious head injury in a Dec. 17 accident with a 2009 Ford Super Duty pickup truck. The car accident occurred on Western Boulevard and Memorial Drive in Jacksonville near the Jacksonville Mall.

The delivery truck was heading west on its way out of the Jacksonville Mall. At the same time, the Ford truck was heading southbound in the middle lane of Western Boulevard. The truck went through a red light and hit the delivery truck. A 2007 GMC Yukon had been stopped for a red light on eastbound Memorial lane and was also struck by the Ford pickup.

The delivery truck continued on after the driver was ejected and hit an eastbound 2011 Chevrolet Cruz on Memorial Drive. The delivery truck also hit a 2002 Suzuki car which was pushed backward into a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The unoccupied delivery truck continued on south into the north side of Western Boulevard and hit a 2008 Mack Truck and then came to a stop. The Ford truck’s driver was charged with reckless driving and a red light violation.

Rescue personnel transported the delivery driver to a regional medical center. One month after his injury, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility. According to his wife, he has suffered permanent memory loss.

The driver in this story suffered permanent memory loss and may not be able to resume his former occupation. Head injuries can have life-altering consequences including permanent disability. An accident victim who suffers a serious head injury may be entitled to compensation including future wages that he or she would have earned. A personal injury lawyer may be able to secure significant compensation for an accident victim.

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