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Drunk driving arrest for man on golf cart at US Open

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

A correspondent for NBC was at the 2014 US Open, and he was being driven around the course by another man on a golf cart. He had been dropped off near one of the tee areas when the driver decided to leave, and he passed a police officer on the way out, allegedly running over his foot.

The officer then yelled after the cart and chased it down. When it stopped, he jumped up on it and grabbed the driver. The NBC correspondent then approached the situation to see what was happening, and the driver was handcuffed and arrested.

According to police, he was driving the golf cart while under the influence of alcohol. The driver’s name was not provided by the news correspondent, though the police did give out more information, including his name and the fact that he is 59 years old.

Despite how strange this case is, some of the charges that the man could face are fairly serious. Included are charges for driving under the influence, causing a hit and run and resisting arrest. This information comes straight from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

The news correspondent said that it was unlike anything else that he had ever witnessed before, stating that he had been to some rodeos and even a county fair, where he had not seen an arrest for drunk driving on a golf cart.

Though the situation may seem lighthearted, those who have been involved in drinking and driving accidents always need to know what rights they have and what charges they can legally face, especially in cases like this, which fall outside of the norm.

Source: CBS Sports, “2014 US Open: Man gets DWI after hitting state trooper with golf cart” Kyle Porter, Jun. 15, 2014


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