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Safety tips to prevent motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Here in North Carolina we still have a few months left in 2014 to enjoy some wind therapy on motorcycles. However, as always, it’s important to stay as safe as possible when riding two-wheeled cycles on the highways.

To prevent accidents and avoid having to pursue litigation for compensation for any injuries, keep these safety tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in mind.

— Use your horn if you believe a motorist can’t see you.

— Visibility is key. Wear reflective clothing or attach reflective strips to shirts, jackets and helmets.

— Before stopping or slowing down, flash your brake lights.

— Remember that all cars and trucks have blind spots.

— Keep your working headlight on night and day.

— Never get on a bike without an approved helmet and eye protection.

— Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, boots and motorcycle gloves to protect body parts from road rash when spills occur.

— While riding, constantly scan and search the road for changing or dangerous conditions.– Allow enough space and reaction time to respond to the actions of other motorists.

— Watch for vehicles that are turning, and always signal in advance your next move.

— Follow the rules of the road and don’t speed. When conditions warrant, go below the posted speed limit.

— Practice your riding techniques before riding in heavy traffic. Know how to handle your motorcycle in adverse conditions like rain, high winds and uneven surfaces.

— Position your motorcycle in the lane where it is most visible.

— Don’t weave between lanes or ride two or three abreast in one lane.

— Don’t ride after consuming alcohol or other drugs.

It’s important for motorcycle riders to understand that they have to take extra safety precautions because they are not surrounded by a metal cage for protection. Stay safe and arrive alive.

Source: Motorcycle Safety Foundation, “QUICK TIPS: General Guidelines For Riding A Motorcycle Safely” Aug. 19, 2014


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