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Injured while shopping? Let us help you file your claim

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Premises Liability |

Have you ever been injured while shopping in a store? Maybe you were thumping the melons when a display came crashing down around your head and shoulders. Or perhaps you slipped down in a puddle from a leaking cooler. There are almost as many ways to get injured in a store as there are items for sale.

Some so-called “shopping injuries” are nothing more than minor inconveniences like a turned ankle or a bruise. But some can cause major injuries that leave consumers disabled, sometimes permanently.

Probably the most common shopping-related accident is a slip and fall. These incidents usually occur when a property is not well maintained and has torn carpeting, uneven surfaces or poor lighting. Sometimes even a well-maintained store can have a customer injured if the managers are not diligent about promptly attending to spills.

Other injuries can include children tumbling out of shopping carts that were top heavy, items falling down from upper displays onto the consumers below and injuries out in the parking lot.

Sometimes a store may be responsible for assaults on its customers if they knew or should have known there was going to be trouble and did nothing to prevent it, such as hiring security guards to police shoppers on Black Friday.

If you were injured on the premises of a store due to their negligence, we can assist you with filing a claim for damages for your injuries and other associated costs, including lost wages. Should they decide to deny your claim, we are able to file litigation that may put money back into your pocket.


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