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On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

Your criminal defense attorney should work hard for you, and often a lot of that takes place behind the scenes. Some of the important jobs of a good defense attorney include:

— Negotiating plea bargains to reduce charges or arrange for penalties that don’t include long sentences.

— In the event of substance abuse issues, arrange for treatment in lieu or incarceration if a conviction appears likely.

— Explain each step of the legal process to their clients along the way.

— Help defendants identify and explore legal strategies for an optimal defense.

— Subpoena witnesses whose testimony will be favorable to their clients.

— Take depositions of expert witnesses who can testify on behalf of defendants.

— Expose the reality of a guilty plea or conviction to the client so that they understand their risks when choosing to take a case to trial or plead it out.

If you are confused about the legal process and unsure which way to turn, we can help you discover all of the options that you have on the table. Sometimes plea bargains really are the best deal in town, but not when the prosecutor is bluffing and has a shaky case with a less-than-credible witness.

Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable and can offer guidance and advice at each phase of the legal process. If you are adamant about taking it to trial, we will stand toe to toe with the prosecution, challenging witness testimony and evidentiary procedures. We will bring on our own experts and attempt to dismantle the state’s case.


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