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New York trader catches up on overdue child support

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Family Law |

Politics has seemingly impacted nearly every aspect of our lives in recent months, for better or worse. Now the attorney for a New York businessman is crediting President-elect Donald Trump (at least in part) for the fact that his client is finally able to catch up on his child support payments and other money owed to his estranged wife.

The president of Capitoline Advisors, Robert Roever, reportedly has done well amid the post-election increase in stock values for small businesses. His company primarily deals in small cap markets.

His lawyer told a Manhattan Supreme Court judge earlier this month that the trader will soon be able to pay is wife the $50,000 he owes her under their prenuptial agreement and a portion of the legal fees she incurred to seek the money owed her. Roever has already paid her more than $15,000 in the back child support he owed her for nearly a year. Had he not paid that, he could have faced jail time.

Roever adopted his wife’s son in 2011 when he was five years old. His wife, a former model from Russia, says he’s known the boy since infancy. Roever says his wife told him she didn’t know who the boy’s biological father was. He disputed that claim in court earlier this year amid attempts to collect child support and petitioned to undo the adoption.

His attorney wouldn’t say whether he will continue in those efforts. He said, “That’s not our focus. We’re just making sure his son is being taken care of properly.”

Roever may not be out of legal jeopardy yet. If it’s found that he deliberately withheld funds that he had, he could still face jail time.

The wife’s attorney got in a dig at Trump along with one aimed at his client’s husband. He said, “It’s no surprise that a man who is willing to say anything to get what he wants makes a reference to our President-elect.”

Child support payments are something that the courts and law enforcement agencies take very seriously. Anyone who’s unable to make his or her payments should notify the court immediately and seek changes, at least temporarily to the payment order. Your New York family law attorney can help you take the necessary action and provide the evidence you’ll need to present.

Source: New York Daily News, “NYC dad may dodge jail time, afford child support ‘thanks to’ Donald Trump’s election win,” Barbara Ross, Nov. 22, 2016


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