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North Carolina bar, employees charged in fatal DWI accident

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

Driving while under the influence can result in serious legal ramifications for the person behind the wheel — particularly if someone is injured or killed as a result. However, businesses, employees of those businesses and even private citizens entertaining in their homes can face criminal charges as well. A Fayetteville, North Carolina, bar is learning that lesson the hard way.

According to Cumberland County Alcoholic Beverage Control, a bar called Cheers Too served 24 drinks to a man back in November before he got behind the wheel and fatally stuck a 28-year-old man. The 59-year-old driver allegedly had a blood alcohol content of 0.23 — nearly triple the legal limit. The driver has been charged with several offenses, including death by motor vehicle.

The owner of the bar and two of her bartenders are facing civil charges. The owner was charged with failing to supervise a business. The bartenders have been charged with selling alcohol to an intoxicated person. The bar, which has no previous violations, could lose its license or be required to pay fines totaling in the thousands of dollars.

Cumberland County’s Chief ABC Officer says that regulations are in place that requires anyone who serves alcohol to be responsible and not continue to serve alcohol to someone who is intoxicated. He adds, “You have to have a point at which you cut off service to protect the public.”

Whether you are charged with a DWI or contributing to a DWI, it’s essential to seek legal help. The criminal and civil legal ramifications can be serious, so it’s essential to have the guidance and protection of an experienced attorney who knows North Carolina’s laws and regulations.

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