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Family law services benefit at-risk North Carolina children

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Family Law |

It is no secret that many children across the nation are at-risk for a number of life-altering situations. The children of North Carolina are no exception. While a number of factors can contribute to the hardships children in our state suffer, it is safe to assume that broken and dysfunctional family units are a top cause.

You probably already know that divorce can wreak havoc on the lives of children. Worsening the matter, many parents going through divorce are ill equipped to provide help for their kids. This is a recipe for disaster as unprepared families crumble under the stress. Children react in a number of ways, including engaging in dangerous behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse or promiscuity.

One of the most damaging effects of divorce is the conflict that often surrounds child support and child custody. Too often, the needs of the children fall through the cracks while parents battle it out in a family law setting.

Without appropriate custody and visitation plans that meet the best needs of the children, the emotional and mental health of the kids falls by the wayside. Inadequate child support arrangements or failure to pay child support also places children at risk for health problems and neglect.

We believe that working with a family law attorney can help prevent many of the issues that negatively affect children of divorce. By nature, family law attorneys care deeply about kids and family and can offer parents guidance in making decisions that help families start a successful new chapter of life. For personalized assistance, reach out to our staff or read more about these issues and others on our website.


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