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How motorists can avoid reckless driving car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Many North Carolina drivers are not aware of how dangerous some of their everyday driving behaviors are. They disregard personal safety, traffic laws, rules and signs to get to where they are going. As regular and widespread as this behavior is, it does increase the risk of car accidents and injuries for all motorists. Reckless driving is dangerous and preventable. 

Here is a brief overview about how motorists can protect themselves from personal injuries in a reckless/careless driving-related crash. 

Recognizing reckless driving 

Reckless driving is a contributing factor in many motor vehicle accidents. Common forms of reckless driving behavior include: 

  •        Speeding or driving too slowly
  •        Ignoring traffic signals and signs
  •        Not using turn signals or headlights
  •        Tailgating
  •        Erratic and sudden braking
  •        Driving while distracted or intoxicated 

These actions do not lead to accidents every time, but drivers who exhibit this type of behavior also tend to make errors that significantly increase the risk of dangers they pose to those around them. 

Avoiding reckless motorists 

Drivers should wear their seat belts and adjust their mirrors before they pull out onto the roads. They should put away any distracting items they have so they are not tempted to use them while driving. It is important for motorists to give the roads their full attention so they can take steps to avoid reckless driving car accidents. 

Motorists should also keep track of the vehicles around them on the streets. If they see anyone weaving in and out of traffic, speeding or driving too aggressively, they should move into lanes away from those drivers. People can decrease their risk of an injury in reckless driving accidents by giving themselves more travel time to reach their destinations and by driving defensively at all times. 

It is important for victims of collisions to get medical treatment right away, regardless of their immediate perception regarding their physical condition. People who sustain injuries in reckless driving accidents may be able to seek compensation from the offenders.


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