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2 ways to minimize the impact of criminal charges

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

You may not think about how criminal charges can affect your life until you face an allegation of a crime in the Dunn area. Even if you are only confronted with a misdemeanor DUI charge, you should think about the long-term consequences and how they can alter your life. It may seem as if penalties of fines, incarceration and community service are not a big deal. But you need to understand that even an arrest can have serious ramifications on your employment, relationships and lifestyle. 

It is not always easy to overcome the stigma that lingers from arrests and convictions. Even people who have served their time are often ostracized. Take some time to review two ways you can minimize the impact of a criminal charge and avoid future complications in your life. 

Hire an attorney 

Navigating the criminal justice system as an alleged offender is challenging. You may not have the time or the knowledge you need to learn all you need to know to successfully defend yourself. Even if it seems as if the evidence supports your innocence, you should not take chances with your freedom and criminal record. An attorney can help you address the challenges that the prosecution throws your way and work to reduce your charges and penalties, improving the likelihood of a better outcome. 

Stay quiet 

You may feel tempted to share details about your situation with your significant other, friends, cellmates or someone else. Be careful, the information you share could be used against you. It is not uncommon for cellmates and friends to turn on individuals who confided in them, and even something overheard by law enforcement could come back to haunt you. The only person you should speak to about your case is your attorney. Everything you share about the events leading up to your arrest and detainment is confidential. A criminal law defense attorney knows how to use that information to build a strong defense for your case. 

It is not the end of the world if you have criminal charges pending or end up with a conviction. However, the steps you take now can minimize their impact on your life so you can move on after your trial.


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