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Duties that you can and should expect from a defense lawyer

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

What do you visualize when you think about a criminal defense attorney? If you are like most people, you see a person dressed in business attire standing before the court and arguing in favor of a defendant. While courtroom representation is an important duty, it is only a portion of our overall service as defense attorneys.

We believe the attorney and client relationship is one of the most unique, especially in a criminal defense case. Almost no other kind of association requires the level of trust and candor that occurs between a defense lawyer and a client. It is a relationship that both parties must take seriously.

In order for our North Carolina clients to place so much trust in us, we perform all of our duties and meet all of our responsibilities with great care. These duties include many of the functions you might expect from a defense lawyer as well as some that you may not expect. The following section contains just a few of the duties you can (and should) expect from a criminal defense lawyer as defined by the American Bar Association.

  • Complete confidentiality during and after the case
  • Ongoing evaluation of the defendant’s case throughout all court proceedings and actions
  • Communicating with and advising the client about all aspects of the case
  • Maintaining loyalty to the client while continually protecting his or her rights
  • Advising the defendant about any pros and cons of cooperating with the prosecution

With good criminal defense representation, defendants can expect this level of commitment and advocacy regardless of the charges filed against them. Anyone who is facing criminal charges has the right to such counsel under American law. Please learn more about these important issues on our website.


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