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Is your marriage built to last?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Family Law |

Does your marriage come with an expiration date? Couples usually don’t start a marriage expecting it to fall apart, but divorce attorneys say that there are some early predictors that spell doom for a marriage.

What are they? Knowing the signs of potential issues could help you prevent your marriage from falling apart.

1. You never fight.

While too much fighting is a sign of trouble, no fighting at all probably doesn’t indicate that you and your spouse are in total harmony. It is more likely that one (or both) of you is burying feelings of resentment and anger instead of addressing them. That has a way of leading to bigger problems down the line and issues that can’t be overcome.

2. You’ve stopped communicating.

Is everything quiet after a fight? Maybe it’s too quiet. When you and your spouse prefer stony silence over actual communication, the odds are good that both of you think there’s no point in talking anymore.

3. Your sex life is dead.

Absent illness or some other logical reason, sex is a natural part of marriage. When that drive is thwarted because one or both members of a couple are no longer interested, it’s more than just a signal that passion has died. It’s a sign that intimacy and trust, which are important to healthy sex lives, are missing.

4. Your careers come first.

Were you and your spouse the perfect “power couple” when you got married? That might not be great for your marriage’s outlook. If either of you put your career before your marriage, it can slowly whittle away at any foundation the two of you have. That’s why many doctors, police officers and even lawyers end up divorced. The demands of their careers often end up eclipsing their family lives.

5. You’re lying to your spouse.

Sure, maybe you’ve never lied about something like an affair. However, lying to your spouse about money, where you are when you’re out with your friends or other things can ultimately leave your spouse feeling betrayed if he or she finds out. If you feel like you “have no choice,” the odds are good you feel smothered in a controlling relationship and just don’t know how to change it.

While divorce can be difficult, sometimes it can also be a fresh start for both you and your spouse.

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