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How a lawyer could help with your DWI charge

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | Blog |

People who face DWI charges tend to react in one of several ways or a combination thereof.

To list a sampling:

  • Group One shrugs off the charge as nothing big. It is something akin to a speeding ticket for this group (little do they realize that they have only 10 days to fight to keep their license).
  • Group Two is confused and angry. They were not drinking, and they feel disrespected and maligned by police. They are upset that they have to fight a charge they are so clearly innocent of. They may even decide that their innocence is so obvious they will defend themselves.
  • Group Three thinks they are guilty, and many may actually have had a BAC above 0.08 percent. It does not matter if the police might have violated their rights. They are guilty, and so they will accept the consequences of their charge. 

Here is a look at how a lawyer could help each group:

Protecting people’s best interests

The members of group one do not understand that a DWI conviction could lead to their license being taken away for some time and can seriously hinder their employment chances. An attorney understands and can explain the consequences and look out for their best interests.

Keeping on top of things

The members of group two are understandably emotional, which can hurt them in court if a lawyer or judge does not seem to grasp the obviousness of their innocence. What could hurt them more, though, is missing important filing deadlines or knowing which arguments could be effective if they defend themselves. If they hire a lawyer, they can stay on top of things.

Holding police and prosecutors accountable

Police officers and prosecutors have a duty to follow the law. However, many skip important legal steps when making DUI arrests. Even those who think they are guilty of DWI have the right to defend themselves and to be treated fairly from start to end.


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