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A DWI may prevent you from getting your dream job

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Let us say that you are a college student working toward your goal of becoming a teacher. One wrong move and a conviction for DWI could derail your career hopes.

An arrest for driving while impaired may result in penalties that will affect life as you know it as well as your plans for the future.

The short-term picture

If you receive a DWI conviction in the state of North Carolina, you may not only face fines and the loss of your license, but also the possibility of attendance in alcohol prevention classes and even jail time, depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. You may focus your attention on these short-term issues and not consider the long-term consequences that will result from the DWI mark on your record.

Expensive insurance

In order to get your driver’s license reinstated, you will have to attend an administrative hearing at which you must show proof of automobile insurance. Your current insurer may see you as a high-risk driver because of the DWI conviction and may choose not to renew your policy. However, the insurer may agree to write a new policy for you at a much higher rate.

Issues with your education

You may be looking toward earning a post-graduate degree, which could mean attending another university. A conviction for DWI may make admittance difficult since you will likely have to include your DWI on the application. Furthermore, a DWI may disqualify you from earning the state licensing or certification you would need for certain occupations, such as that of teaching.

Employment problems

You may want to take a part-time job to help with your education expenses, but here again, you may run into problems. Most recruiters will run a background check. When they see the DWI on your record, they may pass you by for another applicant who appears more trustworthy.

The long-range picture

At some point between your arrest for DWI and fulfilling the requirements needed for getting your license back, you may begin to worry about these issues and the changes this conviction is apt to make in your life. A good defense strategy may make the difference in your ability to fulfill your dreams.


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