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Are you a nonresident ticketed for speeding on I-95?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Firm News |

Perhaps you are a resident of Virginia and were traveling through North Carolina when you received a ticket for speeding on Interstate 95.

How will this affect your driving record? How do you handle it? What happens now?

What happened

First, there was a vehicle stopped at the side of the freeway and the driver was changing a flat. Traffic slowed. Next, there was a crash between two trucks. Traffic slowed a lot more. You were in a hurry and the jam-ups on I-95 were making you late for an appointment with a customer in South Carolina. Once you got past the problem areas, traffic cleared, and you tried to make up for lost time. That was an unfortunate decision: Law enforcement stopped you for speeding.

Driving behavior

Modern life has its frustrations and one of them is that most people have too many responsibilities and too little time. For motorists, trying to stay on schedule can lead to speeding, which is a form of aggressive driving. However, this may not be your usual driving behavior and you are both chagrined about the incident and worried about the outcome. Since you were not in your home state when you received the speeding citation, you may wonder what to do and who to turn to for help.

Potential outcomes

Examine your options in the county in which you were ticketed. Local counsel can advise you of the laws. Because of a speeding violation in North Carolina, points can transfer to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and onto your driving record. However, an investigation into the incident will cover the bases as to why law enforcement stopped you and whether the officer followed regulations. It may be possible to lessen the charge or have it dismissed altogether. It is also possible to resolve the matter in such a way that you do not have to return to North Carolina.


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