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What are the biggest mistakes you can make during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Family Law |

A few skilled negotiations can often shorten the divorce process and help everyone come out a winner — or, at least, not too unhappy about the results. However, a wrong move by either party can turn negotiations into a nightmare rather quickly.

Here are the biggest missteps people make between the time they file for divorce and when that divorce is final:

1. Oversharing on social media

Saying unkind things about your spouse on social media may feel cathartic, but it can also make your spouse angry. Angry people tend to want to fight rather than compromise.

You could also accidentally give your spouse leverage they can use to hurt you financially. That exciting job promotion and raise you recently posted about could be enough to make your spouse ask for a change in the amount of support he or was either expected to give or receive.

2. Not thinking about the taxes

Taxes can affect the value of the assets you receive in your settlement — by quite a bit. If you’re only thinking in terms of the gross worth of an investment or asset, rather than the net amount that you’ll be left with once taxes are done, you can easily cheat yourself out of a fair settlement.

Keep in mind that attorneys aren’t tax professionals. You may need to involve a pro that can help you understand your options a little better.

3. Not closing the joint accounts

Whether it’s out of habit or convenience, having any joint accounts with your spouse after divorce proceedings begin is a bad idea. No matter what the divorce settlement says, your credit could take a hit if your spouse runs up a bill.

Close those joint accounts as soon as you separate from your spouse.

4. Not trying to resolve things outside of court

Very few people want to go into litigation over their divorce. It’s a mistake not to try to negotiate outside of court, whether it’s through your attorneys or over a table in formal mediation sessions. It’s far cheaper to settle your issues out of court whenever possible.

Learn more about the things you need to think about during divorce by talking to an experienced family law attorney.


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