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Be careful what you say following a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There are all different kinds of car accidents — and all different kinds of injuries result. Many of them are fairly obvious from the start — but adrenaline can mask a lot of pain and leave people surprised when they suddenly realized they’re actually injured.

That’s why the best answer to the question, “Are you hurt?” following a car accident, is, “I don’t know.” Because you don’t. Many possible hidden injuries can occur in a wreck.

Neck injuries, like whiplash, are notorious for sneaking up on victims. The victim may barely feel it when their neck is jarred in the accident — and only realize they’re injured hours later when the swelling sets in. Vocal cord injuries are similar.

Seat belt injuries are also common in car accidents — and often fool people. That slight pressure someone feels on their chest may turn out to be internal bleeding or a traumatic heart attack brought on by the wreck.

Head injuries are also something that can be hard to assess immediately following a wreck. Someone may know they hit their head on the dashboard immediately — but the fact that they can’t remember important information or have trouble concentrating due to a traumatic brain injury might not be revealed right away.

Back injuries are also common in car wrecks. Again, swelling plays a role in how often someone is injured this way and doesn’t realize it until some time has passed and the swelling is causing severe pain and weakness in their legs.

Our office can help you evaluate your injuries and your claim against the other driver. You don’t have to struggle with the insurance adjusters alone. For more information, consider looking through our site or contact us directly.


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