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How to avoid construction disputes

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Business Law & Civil Litigation |

Whether you’re a general contractor or you only handle certain types of construction jobs, it’s important to head off disputes before you end up in litigation. Save yourself some time, energy and money with this guide to avoiding complications and disputes.

1. Have a detailed conversation with your client.

This is probably the number one way you can avoid future problems. Construction software can assist in the process and help you track your progress as a build develops.

However, the most valuable thing you can do is sit down with the client, define their needs and go over all the expectations on both sides. Don’t forget to discuss the expected timeline, including when payments are expected.

2. Keep a record of the project as it evolves.

Whether you use software to help you or not, you still want to independently track all the developments on the site as they happen. Make good use of the camera on your phone and take photos of every stage of the process — just in case there are questions that need to be addressed later (or you need proof to resolve a problem).

3. Keep the lines of communication open.

Regular conversations and check-ins with your client can allow you both to address any concerns before they become critical and prevent mistakes that could be expensive to fix later.

A written contract is very important to your success. A North Carolina business law attorney can help you write and review construction contracts to make sure that they meet all legal requirements and don’t contain any problematic clauses.


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