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What happens when airbags don’t deploy correctly?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Car Accidents |

When you’re in a motor vehicle of any kind, you naturally rely on all of its various features to keep you safe — including your vehicle’s airbags.

But what if those airbags don’t deploy? What if they deploy when they aren’t supposed to, turning a minor accident into a major one? What if they suddenly deploy when you’re just driving down the road?

Here are some of the most common types of airbag failures that we see:

  1. Poor design, such as the problems seen with Takata airbags. This includes problems with moisture buildup from high humidity and a lack of water-absorbing chemicals that are needed to keep the airbags functioning in certain climates.
  2. Airbags that deploy during minor accidents, including when a driver just bumps another car or a stationary object. These kinds of accidents can lead to concussions, facial injuries, eye injuries and neck injuries, among other things — none of which would occur if the airbag was set to deploy only with a much more serious impact.
  3. Airbags that don’t deploy at all or are missing. Imagine if you bought a car and only found out that the airbag doesn’t work at all or isn’t even installed. That’s a reality for many people, especially those who buy second-hand vehicles. Even buying from a dealer, most people have no idea if their airbags have been checked before they purchase.

When they work correctly, airbags can prevent serious injuries and save your life. When they don’t, they can lead to horrific injuries that could have been prevented. If you think your injuries in a car accident were aggravated by an airbag failure, learn more about how you may be able to hold the manufacturer or dealership responsible.


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