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When do you need an accident reconstruction expert?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents of any sort happen quickly — far more quickly than most people can process. Once they’re over, even the people involved in the wreck and the witnesses nearby may disagree on how events unfolded.

This is particularly true when there are multiple vehicles involved or a major accident seems to have come out of nowhere and there were no witnesses around. That’s when an accident reconstruction expert is invaluable to a case.

Accident reconstruction experts are specialists who can evaluate the evidence from an accident and piece together the sequence of events before, during and after the actual wreck. Many have a background in engineering and physics that they use as part of their process. They will usually:

  • Analyze photos of the accident scene to see where the vehicles came to rest
  • Look for skid marks and debris in the road that can help draw conclusions about the wreck
  • Take into consideration factors like the weather conditions at the time of the wreck, the injuries to the victims and the damage done to the vehicles
  • Examine electronic data from global positioning systems, cellphones and the computer chips inside the vehicles themselves

Even in complex cases, an accident reconstruction expert can often determine things like the speed that vehicles were traveling, where an accident began, what order vehicles were struck and how someone suffered their injuries.

Insurance companies generally want to avoid paying out as many auto accident claims as possible. They particularly want to avoid paying for serious injuries, with multiple victims. That’s when they often try to push the blame for a wreck back on the victims. An accident reconstruction expert may be just the ticket to successfully resolving your claim. An experienced advocate can help you decide your next move.


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