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Summer driving brings deadly risks

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Drivers of all ages must worry about their safety throughout the year. When summertime arrives, they may need to be additionally careful. Summer vacations bring more people to the roads in North Carolina, potentially increasing traffic dangers. Teen drivers may not be fully capable of handling the challenges of summer season driving. Adults might need to provide some guidance to younger drivers to reduce the chances of accidents.

100 days turn deadly

The time between Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend represents the deadliest 100 days of the year. These days get their reputation because research shows fatal teen crashes increase in the summer. Records examining the summer months of 2010 – 2019 reveal 7,000 people died across the United States in accidents involving teenagers.

Teen drivers can make mistakes due to a lack of experience and maturity. Younger drivers might not understand how dangerous speeding is or why road rage incidents come with terrible risks.

Many teenagers may become distracted while driving, as they might not know how to concentrate when new to chaotic commutes. Others embrace behaviors that contribute to distractions, such as eating or texting behind the wheel.

Serious consequences for accidents

Adults may greatly help a teenager by explaining ways to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Stressing that following all traffic laws might keep everyone safe could be worth pointing out. So may discussing common-sense safety steps, including always wearing a seat belt and keeping the car in good mechanical shape.

Adults may supervise their younger one’s driving habits closely. Establishing rules like keeping the number of passengers limited and avoiding night driving might help the cause. In some instances, taking the keys away from a reckless teen driver could save a life.


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