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What property-related choices could result in premises liability?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2024 | Premises Liability |

The choices that owners make about the real property that they own can affect the value of that property. Their decisions about property maintenance and developments can also potentially lead to financial liability.

Occasionally, the choices that an owner makes and the violations they commit might potentially lead to premises liability. Visitors might suffer injuries while visiting the property and could potentially have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit or an insurance claim.

What types of violations might lead to premises liability for a property owner?

Building code violations

There are numerous standards for real property, especially residential buildings. Owners typically need to ensure that their wiring is up to code and that the structure is sound. Floors with large gaps or holes, roofs on the verge of collapse and fraying wires could all lead to preventable injuries and premises liability for a property owner.

Unsafe maintenance practices

Those who own their own homes and those who occupy spaces for business purposes have to make decisions about how they maintain a property and what investments they make in the space. Often, major repairs and projects are expensive undertakings. Property owners, landlords and commercial tenants might delay certain repairs and maintenance projects to reduce monthly expenses. The decision to put off reinforcing the handrail in a stairway might lead to someone falling and possibly breaking a bone.

Inadequate security measures

There are two separate ways in which improper security could lead to premises liability. The first involves the failure to address the risk of crime. Businesses and property owners can deter much criminal activity with proper outside lighting, security cameras and other investments. The failure to take reasonable steps to prevent criminal activity might lead to premises liability claims against a business or property owner.

Property owners also need to secure their premises against trespassers, especially if there are potentially hazardous amenities present. A pool or a trampoline in a backyard could attract a lot of attention from neighborhood children and might lead to serious injuries. Property owners may need to intentionally secure their property by installing a fence so that people don’t randomly access their yard or home without permission.

A host of other mistakes, such as forgetting to secure an animal when visitors arrive, could also potentially lead to premises liability.

Holding a property owner accountable for dangerous conditions can lead to an insurance settlement or compensation awarded by the civil courts. Those who understand when they may have grounds for a premises liability claim can seek compensation when poor maintenance and ownership habits lead to injuries.


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